I would like to congratulate the graduates of Canadian Trillinium School on the completion of your secondary school studies. You should be proud of your achievement as your professors and parents are most certainly proud of your accomplishments.

It is a great pleasure to note the expansion of CTS over the past few years. CTS truly made its mark in Bangladesh by offering students a high quality education, following the Canadian, New Brunswick Curriculum with a highly effective group of Canadian trained faculty.

You as the students of Canadian Trillinium School are privileged to be involved in a high standard of education. The value of a Canadian education is acknowledged throughout the world, and Canada’s high standards of education rank among the top nations globally. As a student, this is an important moment for you to graduate from such a prestigious school. As parents, this is a proud moment for you to see your child take an important step of his/her life.

As you head off to undertake further studies, I wish you two things: that you remember that learning is a continuous, lifelong process and that you remain committed to bettering the future of your country and the world. Congratulations to each one of you. I wish you every success in the pursuit of excellence.

Benoît-Pierre Laramée High Commissioner of Canada, Dhaka, Bangladesh