It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Canadian Trillinium School (CTS) website.  As you are aware, education plays a significant role in the development of our children. Their academic, physical,  mental,  psychological, social and spiritual growth are directly correlated to the quality of education they receive as well as the support and guidance they receive from home.


As parents we do all possible to ensure that our children will develop into productive members of our global community. The education we are able to provide our children is first and foremost crucial to their success. This success also extends to the success of our homeland. With the ability of parents to offer their children a premium education it is inevitable that they are also contributing to the healthy development of the economic, social, political and cultural life of the nation.


This school and its education program are unique in that under the Department of Education in New Brunswick, Canada students will receive a Canadian High School diploma. This partnership also allows for the possibility of our children to study abroad, to experience first-hand the “western” culture, and to increase their opportunity for an excellent post-secondary education in Canada.